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In addition to Joker’s Cap, Triple Chance is one of Mercury’s most popular slot machine games and is actually a true classic in terms of both form and display. The name says it all, the odds are the triple. Winning opportunities are three times a pair on five pay lines or the cherry, which occurs as a single triple. Of course, with every win there is the possibility of increasing the profit by the famous risk leader. The game Triple Chance can now be played not only on the machine of Merkur in the game room, but also online. On the pages of Merkur, the game can be played directly online after registration. America’s Top Casinos website provides information, tips and tricks you need to play decently on  online casinos.

Not even real money must be used. Unlike the slots game, the online Triple Chance also comes with a free variant. online casino star If you want to test whether the game is up to you, you can still deposit money later and play for real money. Among the Merkur games, Triple Chance occupies a special position. It belongs to the longest played automat versions, which are now also available online. After all, Merkur games exist since 1974 and have since conquered a permanent place in the arcades. Merkur games are characterized by high quality.

Class instead of mass is the magic word. That is why Merkur also publishes only 2 to 3 games a year. Since the start there are just 98 games that have appeared under Merkur. The online presence of the Merkur games was realized in co-operation with the online casino no deposit. On its pages the slot games can be used in the online version. Not all slot games are available in the online version yet, casino download is already a stately number. Here, Mercury meets every taste. It is colourful and funny as well as adventurous and mysterious in the world of Mercury games.

Triple Chance, the game where you just need a deposit!

Who plays the game Triple Chance, will realize very quickly that it is a game that only pays off, if the player is lucky. Now, are you thinking about starting to play Triple Chance, so hit and start right away? You will not regret it, on the contrary, you will benefit from this decision. Just log in to one of the many online casinos or go to a real casino with no deposit to play this game. If you’re more of a guy who does not like to go out, just stay home and enjoy the game in front of the home computer.

You can even charge your account from home. So you do not even have to leave the house and can win some money in front of your own PC. The World Wide Web can even be of great help to you, because you just need to type in a search engine a few keywords and you’ll get out, party casino whether it is the pages you are looking for legitimate sites, or casinos, of which you should rather keep your hands off. But let’s go from the case that you have found a suitable page that suits you. Now just sign up for the page and start playing the great game Triple Chance. In advance, you just transfer a few Euros to play and with a bit of luck you can multiply your Euros or even crack the jackpot.